Welcome to Art Antiques.
I am glad to have you here with me.

Art is something that is a completely human concept. We utilize art for expression. We use it as a tool to represent our dreams, hopes, fears, and accomplishments. It is only natural that people, in general, would feel an intrinsic and often intense connect to art—no matter what form it takes.

Antiques are usually what we call objects—often art centered ones—that are predominantly considered to be priceless or high in value because of how old it is. Antiques are usually used as heirlooms or family treasures. They are masterpieces that are cherished because they provide us with ties to our past.

Art Antiques, my blog, is going to be about both. My name is Henry Smith and I am a self-confessed history nut. I love everything that has to do with our artistic accomplishments as a whole. In my waking life, I am the Head Content Creator of a Fortune 500 company which specializes in luxury goods. So you can say that I really have a taste for fine things.

In my years as an art and antique enthusiast, I’ve realized that we should cherish these things not simply because they are worth a lot of money. Art and Antiques give us a roadmap of where we’ve come from. The artistic styles are often influenced by the emotions and events of an age and these are things that we can learn from. I hope that you will join me as I discuss a variety of art and antique related discussions.

If you have anything that you would like me to discuss in particular do let me know at info@art-antiques.ch. I would really love to get a pulse on what people think about art and antiques.