3 Movies You Should Not Miss If You Love Art

Hello and welcome to the very first post of Art Antiques! I’m so excited to get started! As you may know, this blog is going to be focusing on the topics of its namesake! So without further ado, let’s get started! You know what’s on my mind? MOVIES!

Movies are actually an artistic form of expression within themselves. There are good ones and there are bad ones, yes. However, one thing that you will notice is that favorite movies are often subjective. You can think something is terrible while others will think it’s amazing. Do you know why that is? That’s because movies illicit emotions! So why are there some movies that stand head and shoulders above the rest and are considered to be truly artful ones?

Why don’t you find out for yourself? Here are three movies that many agree that you should not miss if you truly love art:

Loving Vincent

No matter where you are in the world, you will have heard of Vincent Van Gough. He is one of the best loved artists to have ever existed in our history. He has a way of using colors that did not betray the fact that he was in the throes of incredible and exquisite pain. He was long plagued with mental issues which drove him to cut off his own ear.

Loving Vincent is a masterpiece in itself. It boasts of using painted frames in the style of the artist himself. Immerse yourself in the story of this movie and enjoy the style that is unique to Van Gough and his divine pieces of art.

Exit through the Gift Shop

This film is actually a documentary made by the world famous street artist that goes by the name of Banksy. Politics and art have always been intrinsically locked together. Art, at its very core, is the representation of the pulse of the artist. It is their views snatched from the tendrils of their imagination and given visual form. Banksy is no different.

Exit through the Gift Shop follows the tale of an immigrant in LA and street art. This movie takes the audiences through the grit of modern art and the toughness and complexities of those that pursue art in a modern world.

Girl with the Pearl Earring

This painting is famous for projecting innocence and curiosity. This film on the other hand, discusses the complexities of human relationships—particularly the subject of the painting and the painter. Johannes Vermeer is a complicated man who has to juggle the needs of his family, the demands of his patron, and his pursuit of artistic excellence.

Girl with the Pearl Earring makes use of colors and the emotions that are rife during that time period to convey the swirl of events that may have led to one of history’s famous paintings.

To Conclude

You can immerse yourself in the cinematography of each film and stoke the fires of the art lover in you. The three films above are just above some of my personal favorites. Which films would you suggest art lovers watch?