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I’m so happy you’re here and showing interest in being a contributor!

What is a Contributor?

This is a person that carries the same passion for writing as a site or a publication. They send in their own carefully researched discussions about a topic to be reviewed and even published.

Why Be a Contributor?

There are very reasonable reasons why being a contributor is a pretty awesome thing! Here are a few:

You practice your writing

Writing is an art that requires constant practice. You may think that you’ve got the grasp of a topic or an angle and only have it slip from your fingers a few moments after. So being a contributor for a website is a good way to give yourself parameters to meet in order to sharpen and refine your writing process.

You get pieces for your portfolio

Getting published nowadays by someone else’s publication is a really big thing. In a world where anyone can just make a website, it’s a total feather in your cap to have your work published. You can use those pieces as the foundation for your more professional writing later on. A lot of news and luxury publications all require that their writers have previously published pieces to be considered for a position.

You help enhance publications

Every article counts. In a world where shares are everything, one well-made article can make the difference for any online publication. So not only will you be helping yourself—you’ll be helping others as well.

Do You Want to Write for Art Antiques?

If so, I would love to entertain your thoughts about art and antiques. My primary niches of discussion are luxury topics as they pertain to art and antiques. Feel free to send me inquiries or articles at info@art-antiques.ch.