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As you may or may not know, I’m Henry Smith and I’m a big nut for anything related to art and antiques. I believe that they are topics that need to be boosted. Thankfully, the technology we have now—internet and social media—it is infinitely a lot easier for anyone to get to know the topics and find leads that can help to further their understanding.

I have to say that I find it extremely useful that there are sites and publications that make it their business to keep people abreast about the latest news and developments about the world of art, luxury, and antiques. In fact, I’d like to share with you some of the sites that I use to find more information:


While this was popularly called a troll’s den back in its early days, it has long since shed that misnomer and now embraces a whole new reputation. Their antiques section is one of the best places to find a lead about how to care for antiques, where to go for antiques, and so many other discussions. They’re super helpful when you have any questions and they vote up any replies that are super helpful to the question on hand.

Art Print Issues

This site has Barney Davey at the helm. For those who many not know, this person has had three decades wroth of experience in the field of visual art. His blog provides a lot of insight from the inside on how to view art, where to go if you want to experience it, and who you should look out for. He posts images and even video discussions on the topic of art. I watch out for his book recommendations as he does not do those lightly.


This one is an online magazine from the lovely country of Singapore. If there was anywhere on the web that you’d want to go to for the latest information about luxury goods, this would be it. They have a very active site with nearly 30 posts every week so you will definitely never run out of information.

There are so many other sources that exist online. The ones above are the ones I go to personally. If you have any websites or publications that you go to for your arts and antique news and developments, do you think you would like to share them with me? I would highly appreciate any suggestions or leads. So please send me a message at info@art-antiques.ch.